For parents

Welcome and thank you for visiting

We know that your child’s online time needs to take place in a safe and friendly environment. This is why the DoliDoli team is constantly monitoring the site in order to ensure that your child can enjoy playing our games without being bothered by other website users or by inappropriate advertisements.

Problems with users

Although we do everything possible to make sure your girl’s experience on is perfect, we can’t control the actions of all our website users. We have a “friends” system in which users can befriend each other and send messages. If your girl is receiving inappropriate or abusive messages from any of the other users, please report that to us as soon as possible. We will take action against all users who are disrespectful toward other DoliDoli members, including banning them from ever using the website.

Inappropriate advertising

We filter out all inappropriate advertising campaigns from We also go into finer details, such as differentiating a games campaign for, let’s say, a poker website from gaming websites that are kid-friendly. If you spot any advertising that you find offensive or inappropriate, please let us know.

Keeping it fun and safe

We are dedicated to keeping DoliDoli a fun place where your daughter can enjoy playing cut, fun and educational girl games in complete safety. We are also always open to hear your ideas, or your girl’s ideas on how the site can be improved. We get many of our exclusive games ideas via emails sent by girls between 8 and 14 years of age – so if your daughter has any suggestions or fun game ideas, we’d be more than happy to hear them – you can contact us here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we invite you to spend some time with your daughter/s on DoliDoli – who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy some of the games as much as they do :)